Posture analyser

Innovative technology

Based on the latest advances in artificial intelligence, Biotonix is a visionary tool developed in collaboration with leading universities including Queens, McGill and Stanford.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology and its huge database, the Biotonix program analyzes images and can detect more than 3.5 million potential deviations.

World leader in technohealth

Developed for use in clinics to allow practitioners to offer a unique and innovative service to their clients.

For more than 20 years, Biotonix has put its knowledge and expertise at the service of health, well-being and performance.

Having treated hundreds of elite athletes and assessed more than one million patients, our postural assessment tool has proven itself and is now internationally recognized.

Simple 4-step system

The postural analysis is done quickly and easily, all without contact. The system assesses overall posture to improve muscular symmetry and correct musculoskeletal disorders associated with back pain and other related pain.

The application generates a complete quantifiable assessment of postural deviations and a personalized corrective exercise program in just four steps.

Image Capture

Non-contact image capture

Ai detection

Deviation detection and adjustment powered by artificial intelligence

Personalized Program

Personalized exercise program that can be modified by a professional

Progress tracking

Postural progress and pain monitoring

Ai: the most accurate in the industry

Biotonix Posture identifies muscular asymmetries by calculating fundamental biomechanical variables such as compression forces on joints, deviations from vertical alignment, and center of gravity.

The data collected is analyzed by the Biotonix database of 100 million data points collected in more than 30 countries. The result is an adapted solution in the form of an exercise program and corrective stretching.

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